Our Results 2.0

by ama laboratories

Clinical Results

AMA Laboratories provides detailed pictures of all participants in the above study, as well as custom videos of the impact on some of the participants. A select sample of the some of the pictures shown below. * All photos and slideshows do depict real results from real users, however results may vary from user to user.

48.72% Wrinkle Reduction

A high percentage of users saw visible differences in wrinkles on the forehead that accumulate with age and natural expressions.

74.82% Wrinkle Reduction

Fine lines around the eyes are dramatically reduced, eliminating signs of aging, leaving skin looking smooth and youthful.

63.07% Age Spot Reduction

Age spots were drastically reduced in users, appearing lighter and smaller in size. Users are rewarded with decreased hyperpigmentation and a glowing complexion.

Rigorous Testing

As a validating step in this rigorous development process, Erasa XEP 30 undergoes the highest standard of clinical testing, and has demonstrated efficacy far above industry standards. Clinical testing is done by AMA Laboratories Inc., one of the most respected independent testing facilities, which for almost three decades has evaluated the products of manufacturers and formulators in the Cosmetic, Over-the-Counter Drug and Health & Beauty industries.

AMA Laboratories assesses the impact on appearance of wrinkles using Matched Scientific Photography and measures changes using its proprietary Programmatix ™ Image Analysis technique. In the study using such tests, over a 14 day period*, Erasa XEP 30’s results were as follows:*


The average appearance of wrinkle reduction across the sample was 64%.

42% of the sample had appearance of wrinkle reduction of 70% or better.

The top quartile had appearance of wrinkle reduction of 90% or better.

At the maximum end of the range, one participant’s wrinkles appeared reduced by 99%.


Erasa XEP 30 has been thoroughly tested and approved for use. A full 30 day in-use test was conducted and supervised by a dermatologist, an ophthalmologist, and clinicians, yielding excellent skin compatibility, without any unwanted reactions.

This was in addition to normal, in-vitro and in-vivo Industry safety tests.

Biomimetic [bī-ō-mə-‘me-tik] the technology of mimicking the structure and function of naturally-occurring substances through synthetic molecule engineering, to use the knowledge of nature without depleting rare resources.