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McDaniel Institute

“Up until now, one of the biggest problems with ingredients that attempt to relax the nerves around the muscles is that they do not easily penetrate skin, which is why the delivery system is so important...This formula gets the neuropeptides into the skin."

— David H. McDaniel, Director of the McDaniel Institute of Anti-Aging Research

Northwestern University

"I haven't seen anything else act this quickly."

— Amy Forman Taub, Dermatologist and Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Linda Evangelista

Ms. Evangelista’s extensive expertise in the beauty and fashion industries has led her to gain the admiration of peers for her influence, passion and creativity. Focused on leading ERASA towards significant growth and positioning the company as a leading skincare authority,


Critically acclaimed, Erasa Skincare, has won Best of Beauty by Allure in 2018, the Cosmetic Innovator of the Year presented by City Awards in 2017 and the Total Beauty award, awarded in 2019 by Total Beauty.


Real people, real results

Lucia 43, New York

“ I'm very hesitant to try new products on my face and I'm loyal to my regimen that works but a friend gave me a sample of Erasa and I've been using it for over a month. I've noticed a dramatic improvement in my superficial lines, particularly around my eyes and an overall tightening of my face. I constantly look like I just had a facial, or better yet a face lift. ”

Mindy 49, California

“ I’m loving the look and feel of my skin...I feel so much more confident about my complexion ”

Diane 63, New York

“ I have been using the product for approx 10 days and I may be dillusional but I totally see results !!!! I see my forehead relaxed and also the most thrilling thing is that my neck seems so much smoother !!!!! I am ordering my 2nd bottle !!! FYI...I worked at Estee Lauder for 8 years until 2012 ...I am still in the beauty industry and I LOVE your product! ”

Jill J., 45, California

“ An amazing cream! I can actually feel my wrinkles disappearing and my skin being rejuvenated each and every day. My skin honestly looks fresher and brighter than before. ”

Karen 62, New Jersey

“ The Product is ideal for aging skin. It makes my skin look and feel younger. I was not disappointed - even my laugh lines look better. It gives my skin the extra care that it needs. ”

Christine 40, London

“ I’m in my early forties, and I travel weekly for my job – so I am always looking for products that are both good for my skin, and can replace another item in my makeup bag. Erasa fits the bill on both counts; it is different from any of the creams I normally use (high-end brands) because it really seems to diminish the wrinkles and tiredness my skin develops after a week of flying. ”

Sherry 58, New York

“ FINALLY, a skincare product that does what it says! I could retire on all of the money I've spent on products that did nothing, made me break out or dried out my skin. Within 24 hours of using Erasa Skincare I noticed that my fine lines were diminished on my forehead and the bridge of my nose. At first I thought it was my imagination, but my skin became tighter, more even toned and the redness has almost disappeared. I can hardly see any wrinkles. Do yourself a favor and TRY IT! ”

Penni 53, Texas

“ I can't believe how much better my skin feels after using this product for a month now - this is definitely a keeper!... I keep getting compliments on how good my face looks - so just wanted to tell you "thank you" for helping me look younger and helping my skin feel awesome! ”