Our Promise 2.0

Healthy, Beautiful Skin

We engineer molecules that can unlock the secrets of nature to help your skin look healthy and beautiful. With clinically proven results, we create a level of skincare unprecedented in the industry.

Ingredient Integrity

Founded on close R&D partnerships with academic and pharmaceutical discovery laboratories, BioMimetic Laboratories selects molecules from our partners’ libraries and refines the molecular properties of these actives to create potent, patented anti-aging cosmetic products.

Safety Ensured

Erasa XEP 30 has been thoroughly tested and approved for use. A full 30 day in-use test was conducted and supervised by a dermatologist, an ophthalmologist, and clinicians, yielding excellent skin compatibility, without any unwanted reactions. Clinical testing is done by AMA Laboratories Inc., one of the most respected independent testing facilities, which for almost three decades has evaluated the products of manufacturers and formulators in the Cosmetic, Over-the-Counter Drug and Health & Beauty industries.This was in addition to normal, in-vitro and in-vivo Industry safety tests. Product results may vary from user to user.