A Breakthrough Skincare Technology to Visibly Reduce Wrinkles

What is ERASA?

Extreme Wrinkle Reducer

Erasa is an entirely new and luxurious skin care concentrate, clinically proven to help erase not some but all visible signs of aging including the smoothing of deep frown and expression lines and crow's feet previously only available by injection. 

What is XEP 30?

Inspired by Nature’s Cone Snail Venom

XEP-30 is a biomimetic snail peptide that is able to safely replicate the wrinkle erasing and anti-aging properties of one of the most potent natural compounds - Cone Snail venom. Through the synergistic effects of neuropeptides, vitamins, anti-imflammatory, and collagen building materials, Erasa XEP30 is also able to: Reduce deep frown & expression lines, Refine skin texture, Even skin tone, and Boost firmness.

Does Erasa XEP 30 erase lines?

Yes, Erasa is the closest we’ve gotten to injectables (ie. neurotoxins), relaxing the muscles that cause the face to contract, without invasive injections. So the lines are much more soft, lovely, and wonderful.

- Linda Wells, Editor-in-Chief, Allure

Ingredient Integrity

No snails are harmed by our breakthrough. We use a patented biomimetic neuropeptide which helps relax deep lines, wrinkles and frown lines. We co-developed this powerful new material with Activen International, in Switzerland for exclusive use in Erasa XEP 30 products patented.