Supermodel Linda Evangelista "Gave Up Botox" After Using This $160 Serum

Supermodel Linda Evangelista "Gave Up Botox" After Using This $160 Serum

By Kelsey Clark

Supermodel Linda Evangelista has never shied away from skincare, even of the invasive variety. The 53-year-old has openly admitted to getting botox, fillers, and laser treatments—a refreshingly candid departure from the "drink water" advice repeatedly espoused by models. "I was the first person to ever admit that I did Botox, and my mom was upset. I said, 'Mom, everybody does it,' and she was like, 'Yeah, but they don't say it,'" she told Harper's Bazaar. Now she's also being up-front about canceling her Botox treatments after being introduced to Erasa's XEP-30 concentrate

"If I was the first one to tell the truth about using it then, why would I lie about it now?"

Evangelista was introduced to the serum by a friend and noticed considerable changes in her skin after a month. "I always understood you need to give products a chance, and I did. But in saying that, [I've] never finished a product," she admits. "Erasa is the first product that went dry on me, and that has never happened to me in my life."

Erasa's Effects

After applying the serum every single night for roughly 30 days, Evangelista noticed her melasma fading and a more even skin tone overall. After her positive experience, she called up Erasa herself and now sits at the company's helm as the creative director and spokesperson. "I was a spokesperson for so many things over the years, and this is the first time I get to go out and talk about something I truly believe in...this is the first time I could go out there and not have to lie."

Serum's Ingredients

Anecdotal successes aside, the product's anti-aging ingredients tell a powerful story of their own. XEP-30 is actually the name of the Erasa's patented neuropeptide, which "acts similarly to Botox to delay facial muscle contractions (though it's not quite as potent)," explains Bazaar. It also contains glabridin and niacinamide, which one esthetician called skincare's "holy grail" ingredient. Both are powerful anti-agers that "reduce inflammation and lighten dark spots over time."


According to the company's clinical trials, wrinkles were reduced by 64% when the serum was applied twice daily for two weeks, while the top quartile of participants experienced a 90% reduction. Shop the Erasa XEP-30 serum below, plus more beauty editor-approved anti-aging products.


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